All But One is about two men, Harry V. Brown outwitted the American Government, the other,
Donovan V. Bright did not break the law, yet he had to run because the law was in Harry’s pocket.
Harry born a white slave in the 1800s, was abused by his drunken mother and master. Donovan born
black in the 1990s, was from and educated family.  Harry never recuperated from his violent
childhood; it drove him to be a violent man. He raised his children to hate.  Donovan became a
professor and loved people; he was a helper of mankind. Harry killed people; Donovan saved them.
In the 1800s, Harry devised a plan to keep slaves on his plantation until the endlessness of time, he
installed walls of gates and planted an impenetrable forest that was meant to be menacing. In 2017,
Donovan with his wife and four friends, tried to break down Harrys barriers and save the modern-day
slaves. Two of Donovan’s friends were severely abused as a child, Donovan’s wife was also physically
abused, as an adult, she received verbal abuses. Even so, Donovan and his comrades addressed
and work through their abuse, as they attempted to help free people locked behind bars. They
allowed nothing to distract them, even though they were being watched, and people around them
were being killed if Harry’s plantation was mentioned.