This is the opening story to the book. It involves Takashi,
senior class president who takes on members of his own a
classic background on the city of Sheridan Falls plus get
some background information on various people. Takashi
has no doubt in his convictions. He even goes against a
good friend to help others.

Myra tells her granddaughters while decorating for Christmas
the importance of Thanksgiving. She shares with them a
moment from her past that while she was inspires her
granddaughters to help as well.

Felix is your average college student who survives an
impossible ordeal. After class he plays video games, studies
for a test, and go to the local store for food. It's there where
trouble finds him.

Tatiana only cares about her life as a graduating senior and
going to college. She's dealing with her mom's death the best
way she can by writing in a journal. After her graduation and
party another tragedy happens and now she has to figure
out what to do with two young people in her life.

Jason is a high school senior who is falsely accused of a
heinous crime. The main character takes one of the popular
girls to prom, instead of his best friend. This decision cost
Jason and allows him to examine his life. His best friend,
Marcy, helps him and this makes them grow closer.

Dr. Teresa Mogesha recounts the story of how her village on
the borders of Peru and Chile was introduced to Jesus
Christ. She was young and met a doctor who was a
missionary. Because the missionary is new in the area, she
grows curious of him. This new found friendship not only
saves her, but will change the life of the village forever.

Mona is an all star basketball player who decides to honor
God than break a promise to Him. Her decision cause a slight
up roar in the city because it's dealing with the State Title
between two local high schools. People takes sides and
many are wondering if she will play in the most important
game or keep the promise.

Cecilia is a middle schooler who will transition into high
school. She's excited and with her friends they talk about the
next step in their lives. After a traveling choir comes to her
church, Cecilia wants to switch schools. She had planned on
going to a public school like her friend Ocean, but changed
to the one Hillary was going to. All three are great friends, but
Cecilia's change causes a rift.

This is the story of Sam who is pushed by his mother to go to
summer camp. He has no desire to go but is convinced by his
best friend. While there Sam hears voices who believes are
the people in his cabin. They don't know what he's talking
about which makes Sam question is sanity and the voices

This story is about a group of Jack Colt and his friends from
Sheridan Falls go to a mountainous town of Sleipnir. They
climbing Caderyn. While on a mountain tragedy strikes and
the group is lost. Then a young man arrives to help.

Pastor Tyrone comes face to face with evil. In his own words
it was not in the theoretical sense, but in reality. He has an
The truth of that issue is way beyond his imagination.

This story is the classic tale of David vs Goliath. Little guy
against big guy. The young student versus the bully. Carlisle
is a new freshman at the local high school. He learns first
hand of a bully and decides to stand against him.

This is the story where the entire novel took it's name. Three people stand up against the government. A new law was
instituted that everyone must follow the government's new religion. This is an effort to bring the nation together. There is
various unrest and the best solution was a one nation belief system. What makes it hard for the main character, Sherwood, is
that the president is his Uncle, Jason Templeton. Anyone who goes against the new law, will be looked upon as a traitor and
will be faced with a stiff penalty.
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