2020, what a year. All around the globe, a new disease took command of the world, with leaders scrambling to regain their position as head of the country, save their constituents while combating COVID-19 except in America. The US learned that Trump cares intensely for himself and has no compassion for the people and their wellbeing, or the country. Missed Opportunity #45 delves deep into Trump’s first three years in office to falling deeper in hell when COVID-19 entered The United States of America.

From February through March 16, 2020, Trump held press conferences confusing Americans. He claimed that the public health experts were not telling the truth about the percentage of people with the virus and those who died. Instead, he went with his gut feeling, his hunch, and what he believed about the virus, Trump knows nothing about the medical or science fields. Finally, on March 17, 2020, Trump’s tone changed. He realized that the virus was real. Many of the news reporters, not all gladly reported that the president would now do his job, listen to the scientists, and rid this country of the deadly virus. He did not.

On March 18, Trump tweeted he would only utilize the authorities in “a worst-case scenario in the future.” There was still time for him to save American lives when Trump twittered In America were 8,736 cases and 149 deaths. Because #45 wasted time firing the medical staff, and people in his administration and still doing nothing, on May 22, The United States had more cases than any other county with 1,610,000 cases and 95,213 deaths. The public health experts stated that another wave was coming. Trump said, “I don’t believe it.” COVID-19 was an opportunity for #45 to shine bright as the noonday sun, alas, Trump chose the dreary dusk of hell.

Where did Trump take the White House.