Bible Study on the Book of Leviticus

Offerings and Sacrifices, is about what we bring to God in worship and sometimes what it cost. We like the idea of gaining blessings and a relationship from God but hate the concept of sacrifice and giving something up to obtain it. Worship isn’t just about showing up at church, hearing a good message, singing a random song, being good for a few hours, and then returning to everyday life as though religion is nothing more than a pick me up.

Worship is about preparing oneself to come in contact and commune with the Most High. While reading through the book of Leviticus treat some areas as a metaphor in worship and preparing oneself for God. We don’t use animals for sacrifices so clearly those practices will not pertain. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t use these rituals as a lesson for current day worship. Learn from these ideals, be blessed, and let’s have some fun.