Bible Study on the Books of Titus and Philemon

Most people want to be great or excel at something. The problem isn't the dream but the work to make that dream a reality. As with all goals, there has to be a beginning. Prelude to Greatness is that start to encourage anyone who has a desire to become great in their Spiritual lives.

This compact Bible study uses the tools given in the books of Titus and Philemon to help energize the path to reaching your personal goals of greatness.

On the front cover of this book is Mount Kilimanjaro. This behemoth is the tallest mountain in Africa and located in the beautiful country of Tanzania. The summit is 19,341 feet or 5,895 meters or 5.89 kilometers or 3.66 miles in the air. Basically, the equivalent of running a vertical 5K run for a local charity. Impressive. However, no one, who’s in their right mind, wakes up one morning and decide to climb this dormant volcano on the spur of the moment. Sure, some might want to do it, but hopefully, nobody goes up that day unprepared. At least not a soul who wants to survive and tell about it.

To reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, it takes physical training, a variety of supplies, money for permission to climb, a guide to lead, and preferably experience at climbing smaller mountains. For a mountain climber to make the ascent, there is preparation and a mindset to reach that goal. Some foundational systems must be in place to be successful. All mountain climbers or mountaineers have a strong desire for the journey of reaching the summit and make sure they can complete their objective. Basically, like the title of this book, it’s a prelude to the greatness of reaching the top of a mountain.

We often look at the launch of anything with some excitement. The start of a trip, beginning of a game, the opening credits or moment of a film, and the initial pour for the foundation of a home. The very first part of anything worth journeying to or getting is always fun. Then we want to fast forward to the destination or in receiving the item. Nonetheless, it’s never a great idea to rush the process.

Paul wrote many books found in the New Testament but only the epistles for Timothy, Titus, and Philemon, where personal. The rest of the Pauline Epistles were written to the churches located in the cities listed at the beginning of their respective books. Paul wanted to help, instruct, encourage, or implore the men depending on the situation that he was writing. In every case, he sought to ensure that they live and become the best possible person, minister, and leader for their community.

Prelude to Greatness will cover the letters given to Titus and Philemon. Although both are short, there is a powerful and inspirational message found within. Through Paul’s words to these men, we can ascertain present-day truth and be inspired to reach the best possible outcome or greatness in our lives. This book starts with Philemon even though in the Bible, it follows Titus. The message to this leader is a bit different than most but calls upon us to dig deep and think about individual transformation. Titus is more along the lines of how to manage a ministry or group. As these letters were meant to be, make it personal. It’s good to look at the broad view but take each verse and question personally with God and how it can allow you to become more of what He desires. Greatness.