Sometimes, the pursuit of finding the truth in a
secret is not worth the pain from the answer.

Henry Hall's life was on the fast track to
success until his employer moved his job to
another country. Now he's working two jobs to
pay bills and take care of his ailing wife who is
in need of a new Kidney. He hates his life but
pushes through until some good news and the
hint of a secret come his way. Now his journey
to find the truth behind the secret causes a
decent into a personal nightmare and a result
that will change his life forever.

Repeat Offender is the personal narrative of
Henry Hall during a crucial 15-hour period that
goes from an extreme high to a tragic low.
Each chapter is another hour in his life as he
battles personal addictions and outside
problems. Rather it was 15 hours, 900 minutes
or 54,000 seconds; to Henry it is an
experience in his life that will take him to the
brink of madness.
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Henry Hall is about to experience the best and worst day of his life.
Coming October 19, 2020:
The Sequel to Repeat Offender
will be available.
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