No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Henry is out of prison and wants to do good while someone is bent on bringing him to the verge of madness. The saying goes, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. For Henry Hall, this all becomes true upon his release from prison.

After serving a decade for vehicular manslaughter and drunken menace, Henry is bent on making amends. It’s New Year’s Eve, and there is a strong pull to start 2020 by cleaning out the shambles of his past and creating a new life. While Henry is on his journey, he can’t shake the feeling that someone follows him with ill intent. He has his suspicions and tries to push through. Despite Henry’s actions, a dark presence obsessively pursues him. They want to ensure their malevolent plan comes to fruition.

Repeat Offender 2 is the sequel to Ricky LaVaughn’s dramatic suspense-filled novella, Repeat Offender. Each chapter is told similarly, being a different hour in the life of Henry. This starts with his confrontational release in prison to the epic showdown with his hostile pursuers.