Bible Study on the Book of Hosea

This book gets in depth on the message the prophet had for his people, to stop whoring with other gods and end the worship of self. This message isn't just for the Israelites of the Old Testament, but for the modern-day church navigating through 21st century society style idol worship.

Stop whoring with other gods and follow the real God of the universe. This was the basic message of Hosea to his people. He wanted to help the citizens of Israel and Judah continue a relationship with the God that lead their forefathers from the nadirs of slavery. Hosea showed God’s love not only with words but by action in marrying a prostitute. This unconventional marriage from the prophet was an active symbol of God’s love to people who worshiped man made idols and earthly creations.

Restoring the Fallen is a Bible study on the book of Hosea to those who claim to be God’s people. The message that Hosea had is still relevant today. It’s more enticing to idolized things, ideas, and people of the world instead of the Lord. Jesus Christ wants His church to follow Him and not stray as the people did during Hosea's time. This book will explore the message of Hosea and apply that knowledge to help us effect change on a personal level, in our families, the church, as well as the society we live in. The Lord has a desire to restore those who have fallen away and like Hosea we can be the instruments of change.