It took awhile to figure out the title. For the longest it was called
Hosea’s Bible study. It wasn’t until reading Hosea a few times that
although God had strong words for His people, ultimately, He wanted
to restore them to the glory that was promised.
Originally 11 Lessons

Before being 14 lessons this one actually started as 11. It wasn’t
until getting into Hosea that it was better for each chapter to have its
own lesson. Also, each lesson connects part of Hosea to other parts
of the Bible.

The idea behind the cover was to have a church, field, or something
going through a mess but able to be resorted. After sending this
idea to a cover artist, Julie Design, she was able to create the cover
for this book. I love the image that it conveys of a church going
through something but has the light to keep it's focus.
Minor Prophet

The term, minor prophet is something that scholars and theologians
use regarding a group of prophetic books in the Bible. In reality the
minor prophets are not minor and had an important message for
God’s people. Hosea’s message was not only taught through words
but by his actions of marrying an unfaithful partner.
Restoring the Fallen
The Courageous will help The Bold.