Bible Study on the Book of Haggai

The prophet Haggai was sent to correct and encourage God's people.

The seventy years had come to an end, and now a group of exiles can finally return home. The only problem is that this new generation only knew the streets and walls of Babylon and Persia as their resting place. Nevertheless, God sent a message to the ruling King to return His people to their promised land. There was joy and excitement as the people returned to their fathers and grandfathers’ home known as Jerusalem. A mission was instructed, and resources were given for success. And then it happened. Years after returning home, God had issues with the people and sent the Prophet Haggai to correct their ways.

“Work! For the Lord is With You” is a Biblical study on the book of Haggai to encourage us in seeking God’s favor and completing His goals. God has a purpose for everybody. He has skillfully created all individuals to be of use for Him and society. The problem comes when we decide to do things our way and not be in accordance with the Lord. The ancient Israelites had a mission from God, and they chose to do things their way. The Lord gave them time to correct their ways, but changes had to be made when that didn’t happen.

This Biblical study covers one of the smallest books of the Bible. Still, it goes into detail in inspiring its readers to work and remember that God is with you during that time. Life is all about overcoming challenges, and with the Lord, all of them can be conquered. There’s nothing too hard for you because there’s nothing more powerful than a loving God. Dive into all thirteen lessons from this book and be ready to do something great for your life, community, and even the world. Remember that the work you put in will exceed all expectations. After all, God is with you, and that is more than enough to flourish.