Bible Study on the Book of Job

There is a free lesson from the book, “Yet Will I Trust Him.” On this page you can read the free lesson. It will give a taste to the format of the book and generate interest.

The Beginning of the Calamities

Lesson 1

Job 1-2

1.) Describe Job’s character.

Job 1:1

2.) What does the Bible say about Job’s wealth?

Job 1:2-3

3.) Describe Job’s children and what did he do on their behalf?

Job 1:4-5

4.) Who came to visit God?

Job 1:6-7

5.) How does God describe Job?

Job 1:8

6.) In Satan/Adversary’s mind, why is Job being a good person? (Satan’s title is often called adversary in various versions of the Bible.)

Job 1:9-11

7.) What does God give Satan permission to do?

Job 1:12

8.) What are the four calamities that happened to Job?

Job 1:13-19

9.) What was Job’s response to the trials?

Job 1:20-22

10.) Divine beings and Satan came to present themselves for the Lord. What does God say about Job and what excuse does Satan give for his behavior? Job 2:1-6

11.) What was Job’s next calamity? How did he respond?

Job 2:7-8

12.) What did Job’s wife suggest for him to do? What was his response?

Job 2:9-10

13.) Who came to visit Job and how did they react upon seeing him?

Job 2:11-13


A.) Often we help those who are constantly harming themselves. Why do you believe we do this and is there someone in your life that you’re praying for or helping in spite of them harming themselves? (For example, a drug addict, being abusive, criminal behavior, gossiping, etc.)

B.) Along with Satan, the book of Job mentions Divine beings presenting themselves before God. Who do you think they are and why are they coming?

C.) Out of the calamities that happened to Job, which is the worst and why? Put yourself in his position when answering the question.

D.) Often we forget that Job was married. How do you believe she felt to see her children, possessions, money, and husband all get destroyed or harmed? How would you feel if something similar happened to one of your family members?

E.) God looked upon Job with favor knowing that he was an upright and great person. Why then would God allow extreme pain to come to a loyal servant?