Bible Study on the Book of Ruth

Friendship is a powerful force that can influence people to make positive and daring changes. Bonds from familiar relationships come from love and trust. The book of Ruth shows how these relationships are essential in everyday life and teach us spiritual lessons. Ruth is one of only two women who has a Biblical book named after them. She is, however, the only non-Israelite whose name is one of the titles to a book in the Holy Bible. It's interesting because Ruth was a person from Moab, a country with a messy relationship with Israel.

Nevertheless, from Ruth came royalty and the Messiah to all people. Ruth's character and strength are mentioned in the book as an inspiration for framing our lives. Ruth's life was not soft and comfortable as she had to go through the pain of losing a loved one and making a profound change to her home and religious beliefs. Despite what Ruth endured, she went in faith to believe in God and follow His plans for her life.

"Your God Will Be My God" is a Biblical study on the book of Ruth. This Biblical study explores the various truths and lessons we can obtain from studying the title character. This book goes verse by verse into Ruth, comparing concepts and scriptures with many other Bible texts. There is plenty of space between the questions to write answers and ideas in the paperback version. If reading this through eBook, it might be a great idea to get pen and paper. Regardless of how you plan to study the book of Ruth, take your time and glean from the deep spiritual knowledge given. The book of Ruth is an excellent example of relationships, love, ministry, strength, faith, redeeming, and how to represent God to the community.