Be Prepared
Lesson 1
John 10:7-10
Paul had a yearning for his leaders to grow daily in God and strive to be better always. He also wanted to give them the tools and
encouragement to teach their parishioners valuable lessons in being a Christian. The title of this book is all about preparing for greatness
coming into a believer's life. This idea examines greatness on two different fronts. One, believers are making a path for Jesus Christ to share His
love with the world. And the other is by God preparing every person for a personal and promised greatness in their lives.

1] What is mentioned in the Bible about being prepared, and why?
1 Peter 3:13-16

2] According to the Bible, what was John the Baptist's purpose and ministry?
Malachi 3:1; John 1:6-9

3] In what ways is the church’s purpose similar to John’s ministry?

4] When given a chance to introduce Jesus, what title did he give? How does John describe Jesus Christ’s purpose for the world?
John 1:29-34

5] We often think in generic terms when it comes to a personal relationship with Jesus. However, if given a chance to introduce Jesus Christ, what
title would you provide, and how would you describe His mission on earth?

6] Jesus stated many times in the Bible, his purpose and mission for the world. Read the scriptures below and list some of them.
Luke 5:29-32; John 10:7-18; John 14:1-6

7] The texts from question six were just a few instances of Jesus mentioning His purpose and desires for His people. There is a definite yearning
for them to succeed and thrive. What inspiration came to the prophet Jeremiah when God was speaking to the Israelites going through exile and
Jeremiah 29:10-14

8] Even David talked about greatness and how God intercedes for His people. What in the 71st division of Psalm is encouraging for the modern-
day church?
Psalm 71:17-24

9] Titus and Philemon aren't just about spiritual growth, but there are practical applications in becoming the person that God wanted. Paul,
through personal letters to the men, gave them some encouraging words for the different situations they were going through. Although both were
positions of leadership, these epistles can be a building block for all people in building a foundation for the "great" life God has in store for them.
To achieve greatness, what would you like to see God handle, work, influence, or take control?

10] What can the Lord do for the church to move in the direction of greatness per God's will and purpose?
Before a Pilot leaves the airport, there are a series of checks and rechecks; they must go through. Every instrument, button, or switch is
reviewed to ensure that the proper systems are correct, which is necessary, so the pilots and air traffic control will know that everything is in good
working order. It would be terrible to find out that a simple glitch in the system exists at thirty thousand feet in the air.

A journey in Spiritual greatness is very similar. Specific ideas, laws, behavior, mindset, goals, and beliefs need to be checked and rechecked to
ensure it lines up with God’s standard. It would be awful to be in a situation where a memory from the Word of God would be remarkable to have
but not quite available.  Having a goal in mind or destination to where you want to be Spiritually, is terrific. It’s great to have a mission and plan
your life following that goal. Make sure that while on this Spiritual voyage, do the small things first. For example, read the Bible daily, just a few
verses. Listen to a favorite spiritual song to set the mindset properly. Write at least one thing that God has done in your life for the past 24
hours. Go to God in prayer for more than wants and forgiveness of sins. There is so much daily that can be completed in minutes to check and
recheck the spiritual journey that you’re currently on. These next few lessons after this aren’t long but deep in practical and spiritual knowledge.
Paul wanted to reach out to individual believers’ either for a request or instruction. Take those spiritual lessons personally and use them as a
stepping stone into greatness.