Charity Spotlight
For more information on the specific charities attached to each book,  click on the book covers below.
My goal is to entertain, inspire, and help on a national level. There are
many companies who use their resources to make a positive difference
so I decide to use proceeds from the novels to help various charities,
non-profit organizations, universities, and many other groups. The
objective is to help organizations so they can continue to be a positive
influence in their community. Each book has been chosen to help a
specific metropolitan area. Sometimes the charities are chosen based on
the themes from the book and other times it is completely random.

The more books that are sold or optioned as a film/video game/etc then
the more we can give and help make this a better place to live. Explore
each charity and organization to see if you can receive help, visit the
institution, or possibly volunteer yourself. Enjoy the novels and know that
with your support we can help make this a better place.

Thanks in advance.

Publisher/ CEO: Ricky R. LaVaughn