The charities listed below will be receiving proceeds from the book, "Stir Up The Gifts".
Boise State University -
Film, Theater, and Creative Writing Department
Boise Philharmonic
Boise Art Museum
College of Idaho - Athletics
Boise, ID - Wikipedia page
Boise - Visitor Bureau
Caldwell - Visitor Bureau
Metro City: Boise, ID
Boise Idaho is the chosen city to receive proceeds from the book. Boise isn’t the only city with a travel video, as Caldwell is also listed as well.
The theatre, film, and creative writing department is essential
for helping young people cultivate their artistic side.
This book is about using your gifts, and the philharmonic is
showing these skills through music.
This book is about using your gifts, and the museum is showing
these abilities through art.
The athletic department is a great place to show specialized
skills through physical activity.