Stir Up The Gifts is a Biblical study on both books of Timothy. Paul wrote to inspire the young minister in being a leader for a church in
Ephesus. God knew that Timothy would deal with a variety of situations and problems. Due to these issues, Paul wrote to the young man
for help and instruction. These letters cover everything from how to be a leader, teaching people how to live, navigating societal norms,
and being a generally good person in the community. Although this was for Timothy, we, in modern times, can use these letters for our
enlightenment as well.

Every single person who has a desire to build a relationship with God is useful to the Lord. All people do not have to be a minister,
prophet, singer, or some other upfront person to be beneficial for God. Nevertheless, every person has some sort of story, knowledge,
information, or gift to share with others to make a positive difference.

We all have a gift or gifts that are shareable with others. We can call them talents, favor, blessings, or any other words, but the gifts that
God has given is to help someone else on earth. There is something special about you. Yes, you, right now, reading this part of the book.
Rather you know it or still searching, Jesus Christ Himself placed you in this time and place for a purpose. For a reason. This book, Stir
Up The Gifts, is an effort to encourage all people to use your talents for God and be the minister that He wants. Regardless of your
abilities, all people can have their gifts stirred up and released to the world.