Bible Study on the Book of Job
Why This Bible Study
I wanted to write the Bible study for the book because I assumed that Job was during the
same time as the characters in Genesis. However, I was wrong. If you read the
introduction, I state a little more about that. Nevertheless, it was fun and great to be able
to study more about this book. The far majority of it is written in a poetic form but there is
so much to uncover. I hope you enjoy it as much as myself but if anything check it out and
learn how to overcome from serious issues and problems that will come your way.
Editing with Grandma
It was great working with my Grandmother on this project. She
worked on the editing process and really helped keep this study
reading awesome. I’m hoping to do more with her in the future.
When you’re editing your book, think about consulting your
family and friends to help. Never know who might be able to
help turn your writing into a great piece of work.
The cover concept came from thinking of something destructive or an impending danger.
Most of books out there regarding the book of Job have something sweet and nice. This is
cool, but doesn’t reflect the turmoil the man was going through. Instead, this book gives
the reader how it would have felt when craziness is coming your way. In spite of this, you
can overcome any situation, but recognize when you’re going through a horrendous
period in your life. Then seek God to change that situation and your mindset during the
The title of the book, “Yet Will I Trust Him”, comes from Job 13:15 in the King James
Version. When you read other versions of the Bible, it sounds a little different and can
almost change what Job is saying. Check them out when you get to that part of the book.
This line encapsulates what we should do when going through problems. Trust God
during the tough times.