Bible Study on the Book of Job

The book of Job. What an interesting, complicated, emotional, and poetic book this is. The idea to write this Bible Study after “In The Beginning” came
because I erroneously assumed that the story and life of Job happened before the Great Flood. I’m not sure where that came from (possibly because this is
considered the oldest book written in the Bible), but it is what I believed at the time. It didn’t take long to learn the truth.  Instead, by talking with Pastor
Yuliyan Filipov and research, it is widely believe that Moses in fact wrote this book during his exile period. He wrote the book of Job first before writing
Genesis and the rest of the Pentateuch.

Job is mostly a wisdom book written in the style of poetry. What makes this different then most Biblical books is that it is told as a conversation amongst
friends. One of them is suffering (Job) while the others discuss his source of pain. Is the suffering due to an outside source, wicked people, God, or Job
himself? These ideas are some of the factors mentioned between the men.

My goal while writing this Bible Study and many others in the future is to not go heavy with doctrine, denominational beliefs, traditions, and personal ideas.
Of course, by writing the book some of my background and ideals will filter into the written words. The best-case scenario is to allow you the ability to read
Job and have a personal understanding of the book as you pray for understanding and application.

When reading Job, think of it as a metaphor in listening and talking. If you’re talking while someone else is speaking, often you can’t understand or
comprehend what they are saying. This is what we do when reading the Holy Bible. Our mind is metaphorically talking and blocking any information and truth
that the Bible is speaking. When you’re reading Job there is a conversation taking between the Bible and your mind. I implore you to listen to what the Word
of God has to say. Don’t approach learning more about the Lord as if you’re trying to talk over the Scriptures. For many of us that sounds insane. If you
have a desire to grow spiritually then you would never shout over the person who could provide instructions. Listen to what the Bible is saying. Then react
and share with others.

The book of Job has 42 chapters and this study is broken into 26 lessons. Each lesson covers 1-2 chapters so you won’t be over burden with reading too
much information. In addition, each lesson is broken into three different sections. First, you have the questions relating to the Bible. After that, there will be
personal questions for you to answer that relates to what you’ve just studied. Then the last section, Just a Thought, is a brief idea relating to the chapter for
more information. Just a Thought is last so it doesn’t color your mind while studying the lesson. Remember the idea is to have a blank slate going into each
lesson of the Bible Study.

Something to think about before proceeding is that Job is full of metaphors. These examples are used to explain a variety of issues plaguing our world. Think
about the people and community Job and his friends are describing and then think if that reflects the mindset and way of the world today. Really pay
attention to what’s being said. This is a conversation between people regarding suffering in the world on a personal and grand scale. Let’s face it, we all
suffer from some calamity or issue at some point in our lives.

By reading Job, the hope is that you will have a better grasp on how to view the situation and see how God is a part of your life.