When Roses Cry
Juniper Hawthorn
Spencer Fairfax
Esmeralda Jones
Louis Drake
Shimron Dalk
Lance Boudreaux
Chase Henderson
Dr. Henry Anders
Kit Lando
The main character of the story who suffers with multiple personality disorder.
Juniper (June), lives with this condition with the other personalities in a symbiotic
relationship. They’ve learned how to deal with one another and try their best to
develop a normal life. June’s condition came about due to severe abuse at the
hands of her father. She believed that her trials were over when he died and then she
found out that was a lie. Now it’s going to take her close friends to stop her before
she puts an end to the person who caused her condition.
Juniper’s best friend and roommate.
She is dating Louis. Esmeralda works at
the same exotic dance club as June but
has a desire to leave and do her own
dancing. She has learned that June is
not quite herself but is still her best
friend. Esmeralda is one of the people
who believe that Juniper must be
protected from herself before she goes
and kills her dad.
He moved to Columbus from California
for a mental break and life change.
While there he met his Aunt's,
Esmeralda, new roommate and began
to develop feelings for her. It was clumsy
but Spencer was eventually able to get
into a relationship with June and has
learned a variety of truth as to who she
really is.
He was working on his doctorate in
psychology and dating Esmeralda. To
him, June is a psychologist dream to
study because of her various emotions
and personalities. He could have gone
into the family business but decided to
work in the field of the mind. Because of
June’s and Esmeralda’s friendship he
has gotten to know Spencer better.
A popular singer who has a strong tie to
Spencer. They use to date while in
California and she will not let him go.
Chase's infatuation to him even lead her
to come back to Ohio, her homeland, so
she could track and bring Spencer back
to her loving arms.
June’s father who’s quest for position
and money superseded that of his
daughter. He saw her as a means to
and blood. Due to this emotional
disconnect this almost ended his life
and now that Juniper knows he’s alive,
could cost him again.
He is Juniper’s former boyfriend. He has
many of the same power control traits as
her dad. Due to this, a break in the not
take to the embarrassment well and will
do anything to get her back. Even by
Kit and Clarence are great friends and
the author of all of their crazy ideas. They
had a lot of fun while young and Kit has
a desire to go out and relive their teen
and early twenties before Clarence got
into a relationship with June. He even
makes a deal with Lance to break them
up so both people can get what they
He is June’s psychologist who is treating her professionally.
He has and who she really is. Dr. Anders believes in never
giving up on anyone after the tragedy in his own family. To him
it is important for June to become whole again and to
overcome the blocks that is stopping her from achieving this.
June’s boss at the exotic dance club.
Since June has been with Clarence her
distraction has cost Lance some future
money in other endeavors. Due to this,
he enlists Kit’s help to break the
relationship up so he can get the
financial benefits that he desires.
Clarence Green
One Body, One Purpose, Six Personalities
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