When Roses Cry
"When Roses Cry" is the first published novel. It is not the first completed book.
That started when I was a kid and wrote a fantasy book about some wizard that
saved his town. This was in fourth grade and from there start my love of writing.
After that I wrote a variety of stories and even finished a book called "Heatwave."
It was nice but not realistic and will probably never see the light of day.

WRC started as an idea that spawned from religion and psychology class at The
Ohio State University. We talked about people suffering from multiple personality
disorder and how religion plays apart. When Roses Cry went through a variety
of changes and I learned how to write a book professionally. I tried to get it
publish by the traditional means but received a plethora of rejection letters. I
even tried other book ideas with more no's. Finally I heard about
America and used them to publish my first book. That was great and exciting
time. It was cool to see the contract and even told other people to use them
(Kyle Golson - "
Darker Prisons" and Shawn Holland "Voted Most Likely Not To
Succeed, But God...!")

After seven years my contract with Publish America ended and I was thankful for
them giving me a chance. It was great to see your book in a store and to get
some sales. Once the change happened I decided to publish the book myself,
which happened two years after
Foundation of the Fire, Repeat Offender, and In
The Beginning. During that time, the book was updated and fixed to sound
better. It wasn't huge changes but large enough to make the sound and quality
of "Roses" better. Now with a new look and having a Kindle version, I'm hoping
for great things with my first published book.
The title stems from a poem I wrote many years ago. A version of it is in the book and it came to mind after hearing a song called
Dolphin's Cry" by Live. Some people think that it's a romance novel because of the title. Its far from that even though there is a love
interest and some romance.

Previous Ideas for the title was "Nosotros", "The We" and even the other poem in the book, "Beauty Wrapped In Harmony." Nosotros
was really alternate identities. I know many people like the title (When Roses Cry) and said it intrigues them to take a look. Which is
The cover has gone through some changes. The original idea
was the cover used by the first When Roses Cry. It involved a
woman's face with a vase full of roses. The company added the
glowing eyes which was cool. The old cover is to the side and on
amazon.com. However, you can't buy the old version but can view
it from that site.

For the new cover, I loved the eyes and kept them but made it
one rose instead of several. I love the other cover, but can't use it
because it was created by Publish America.  It took awhile to get
this cover right and there was an alternate version. Look over to
the side and see another version which has the black rose. The
problem with the black rose and glowing red eyes, is that it looked
a little too dark. But trust me it was really close to being the new
cover. For a time
the Kindle had an all red rose cover with the eyes throughout.
June's character is a composite of many people she came in contact or needed. I don't want to go into a lot of detailed (have to read
the book) but they truly run the gambit of different people. The original story was suppose to be first person from June or at least
completely her POV. The problem was the switching characters. At the time I was not an experience writer and didn't feel comfortable
enough to write the book from all of her various character point of views. Each character makes their way into the story but some not as
much as others. Also once I learned about co-conscious then it became easy to have the characters interact.

While reading the book, there is an explanation on multiple personality disorder and dissociate identity disorder. This is done on
purpose so you're not lost in the book and can follow what's going on. Having an explanation not only helped me, but allow the story to
be easy for all those who buy.
I tell anyone who writes to create an excel sheet or chart with your characters. Sometimes you start writing a character and will either
change their name or forget what you called them. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it can happen. Many of the characters in WRC had
their names changed. Because of this I had to keep a list so I wouldn't add confusion within the story.

Esmeralda was actually called Esperanza and her nickname was Espy. Instead somewhere in the middle of the book I changed her
name to Esmeralda. Not exactly sure why, but when I went back to edit I was completely confused on who Esperanza was. Instead of
changing her name to the original I just kept the new name. Maybe I'll use Esperanza later.

Spencer's original name was Royal. There was a joke in the middle of the book using his name but had to be taken out because it
didn't make sense. I liked the name but it got changed because I wanted the absolute main character to have the letter "R" for their first
name. This is the only book where that will be true, and from now on will use whatever letter makes sense for that character. So instead
of Royal he became Spencer and one of June's personalities went from Sonja to Raven.

Louis' name was always that but he was suppose to be called Louis Drake. Always. I think in my mind it would've been funny for
someone to be called by their first and last name all the time. That joke died immediately when the words started to be typed so he was
just Louis. That's it. Nothing more, but you do learn his last name.

Chase's name was not because of the bank. Nor was it a name due to my job (I didn't work at the bank when writing the book). Instead
it was because she pursued Spencer so strong. There where other names in mind, but nothing as strong as Chase. Even still I like the
name so much I might have to use it for future novels.
To make the book simple I used cities that I was familiar with. The original story was suppose to take place in Los Angeles. This way it
made Chase going after Spencer make sense. However, I decided that I didn't know that much about the city and chose to base the
book in my hometown, Columbus, Ohio. There's still a brief showing of L.A. in the book but I also had some of the story to take place in
Chattanooga. I've been to the Tennessee many times because of family. This made the story easy to build and navigate. In the revised
copy of When Roses Cry, the new stadium in Indianapolis is mentioned. In the old version, the RCA Dome was talked about. That's just
one of the many changes that happened so the story would feel modern.
So many books and films have sequels. I had thought about it for When Roses Cry but really don't see that happening. In reality it
doesn't make sense even though there is a way to do it. What really perked my interest would be a prequel. There are flashbacks in
the story that gives you a glimpse of June's life. It's tough and gritty. However I think it would be interesting to delve into her life before
and after her time with her dad. It's tough so the end of the book would be interesting but as of right now there are other stories that will
hit the market. However, if enough books get sold and people show an interest, who knows.
One Body, One Purpose, Six Personalities
Paperback Version
Kindle Version