The original 13 stories where not suppose connect. It wasn't until later that the change came to have all the stories have
characters intertwine. Having this set up made the story more interesting but complicated. I had to create story arcs and
character lines to see how everyone would know each other. When you read "The Golden Image" it will appear seamless but
in reality it was challenging.

The cover of the story was created by Carissa Hutchison. She is a great illustrator and cover designer. The idea was to have
a symbol of the "new god" created by the government. What came after was perfect. Completely thrilled about the look and
how it draws people in.

The original title of the book is much longer. It appears in the inside of the book. After reading it, I realize it read more like a
sentence than a book title. So it was shorten to the last and longest story "The Golden Image."

There is a huge amount of overcoming obstacles in this book. Some challenges are self-inflicted, others from people, and
some from circumstances. Relate to the stories and see which characters you like.

The idea of the characters are to represent a wide stream of American society. The ages of the main characters range from
Elementary to adults. They also include people from various racial backgrounds. This was important because often we leave
sections of our society out of books and movies even though we're very diverse.
Read the tales from the citizens of Sheridan Falls.