Sherwood - The principal character from the story "The Golden Image". He is caught in a dilemma at following the
government or go with his own values. He's thrilled to have a friend in A.J. who is there to help him. The name of Sherwood
came from my middle school. It sounded strong in my mind. This guy has a big issue and you feel him wonder what should he
do. It is through him that you meet some past characters from the previous stories.
Carlisle - A strong person who fights against the bully in "Versus". He is a trained fighter in two martial arts style. This makes
him a bit cocky but he's learning that fighting is not the best way to solve problems.
Takashi - The class president who choses to help the special education students at school. He goes against his friends and
current Senior Class Leadership. He is the narrator of "Prime Position".
Felix - One of my favorite characters. He is the primary person in "Lucky?". Felix is your average college student who
discusses odd ball topics with his friend Earl. He's the perfect person to deal with a random situation at a local store.
Jason - He has his own story in "Jason Templeton". In there he was falsely accused of doing a crime that he did not commit.
It's really bad to have your name dragged through a tough spot. No one wants to be called or known for something they're
not. This is how Jason felt, and it spurred him to change the mindset of society.
Teresa - A professor at Sheridan State University who tells her life story in "Mystic Rivers". It's only a portion, but it reveals
how a stranger near her village, changed their entire world. Strangely it's Teresa's curiosity that actually helps everyone.
Mona - An awesome basketball player who believes in keeping a promise with God then playing the game she loves. To
Mona, it was never about making a stance. It was simply all about living the life she should. Often times by one person doing
something great, can lead to others making the change.
Sam - A young man who's stay at a summer camp changed him for ever. He is the main character in the story "The Voice
Within". Sam just doens't hear voices, but something more powerful.
Jack - He is one of the few non-school age person to lead a story. However, in "Intuition" he survives a tragedy with the help
of a young man. People in the group have their doubts, but Jack as to use his influence to keep them together or freeze to
There's something about Jack that is great to read. He has an open personality and very charismatic. His cousin Aaron is the
opposite when it comes to adventure, but wanted to step out of the norm to create a great travel documentary. With Jack that
will be possible.
Myra - She tells her story of the best Thanksgiving in "In My Hands". While being in elementary school she hatches out a plan
to help others. Of course to most this would be strange, but to Myra it was something that needed to be done.
Cecilia - Is a pretty girl who draws the attention of many characters in the book. She doesn't care and concentrates on going
to high school. She's great friends with Hillary and Ocean and tells her story in "And Then Came A Stranger." Cecilia is great
because she's very strong willed and focus. Sometimes this can cause friction with those you love and it's no different here.
Really enjoyed writing this story because of Cecilia and here friends.
Tatiana - The soulful and real teen who has a one track mind for college in "Tatiana's Sacrifice". Despite the death of her
mother and ailing dad, Tatiana tries to live the life of a normal teen. Then more tragedy happens and now she has to consider
someone else before herself. Tatiana told her story in the form of a diary. It was easy to convey the anguish she had plus
reveal her true personality. She's fun, smart, and cares about people. Writing her story in a journal was fun and highly
Read the tales from the citizens of Sheridan Falls.