"Repeat Offender" is a book that allowed me to get back into writing fictional novels. "When Roses Cry"
is the first published book but then afterwards "
Foundation of the Fire" and "In The Beginning" came
after. It was meant to be short on purpose. This is so anyone who wants to get through a novel quickly,
can do so. Also I wanted the book to have a different feel. Not only in chapter make up, but in
characters, and in the story arc. This was fun dealing with a character who has addiction problems.
Many people have various addiction issues, but often the church and other organizations chose to
ignore it.
I have to make this clear, that is not me on the cover. Many people think I took a picture of myself and
placed it on the cover. That is some random photo that has been altered immensely. The original cover
was suppose to be what is on the back of the book a broken wine glass. That was going to be the
original or a car going through the rain. But the guy's face looks pretty cool, plus it gets away from the
black that keeps showing up on my covers. If you look, 3 out of the 5 books (including
"The Golden
Image") all have black as a base color. Strange.
"Repeat Offender" almost became "Obsession." This is because of the main character's obsession in
Repeat Offender. After that consensus I decided to use Repeat. The title refers to Henry's addiction
finding the truth about a secret he has learned. I ran this by some people. No one liked it as much as
issues and how he comes back to the same problems. Usually repeat offender refers to someone going
finding the truth about a secret he has learned. I ran this by some people. No one liked it as much as
back to prison but not in this case.
The book is divided into hourly chapters. Meaning that each chapter is a different hour. The original
setup didn't have 2pm or 7pm. Both chapters were added to make the book a little bit longer and
because I wanted something different to add. In the 2pm chapter I really liked the Itzal character and was
fun to write and plays an important part of the book. That chapter was fun and I see why authors use
them. Dreams can really free you up creatively.
Henry Hall's name was originally Henry Hill. The change came about because Henry Hill is the same
name as the main character in "
Goodfellas." I didn't realize it until a friend of mine, James told me. After
that, I had to change the name since this was the main character of the book. Too this day, I sometimes
forget Henry's last name.
Henry is my favorite character in the book. I love how the story flows through him. Outside of him one of
the characters I love dearly is Itzal. I'm not even sure why. It could be his name, but something about him
is great. I liked the character so much that I added a chapter just to make sure  he could be in it. What's
great about Itzal is that him and Henry both went through the same layoff but handle the situation
An inspiration for the book was the film, "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas. Granted Michael's
character was dealing with a different set of issues, but Henry goes at his situation in a poor way. In
reality life is tough and although you can have a great beginning, your decision can lead to a poor
ending. Also this book touches on how people deal with layoffs and corporate greed. It's tough trying to
live in this society, and especially hard if your job lets you go due to greed. Being laid off is something
that millions of people have dealt with. I hope people can relate to some of the characters as you see
them handle this all too common problem.
Henry Hall is about to experience the best and worst day of his life.