Henry Hall
The main character who is having a hard and stressful day. He used to work at the Gordon-Hirscel company
before being laid off when his job moved overseas. This has been a problem for Henry but he  learned to deal
with it by getting two jobs just to pay bills. After earning a job promotion on his fast food job he then learns
about a secret that turns into a personal quest for truth. While on his journey, Henry battles his addiction to
alcohol and a wife admitted to the hospital for severe Kidney disease.
Brooke Johnson
Pedro Fuentes
Pastor Clayton Colley
Dr. Tyrone Smith
Itzal Watkins
Stacey Hall
She is the wife of Henry and is going through
traumatic kidney failure. This condition is genetic
and was heightened due to her excessive
drinking early in her life. She believes that
everything was okay after visiting Dr. Smith but
then things go terribly wrong.
He is the Hall’s pastor. Stacey helped him with a
book he wrote covering the 5 single chapter
books of the Bible. They developed a close
friendship during a hard time in his marriage.
Now he’s helping Henry through addiction while
keeping his own personal secrets hidden.
She is Stacey’s cousin who has a desire to get into
radio broadcasting. Brooke works for a radio station
and is working her way up the ladder, but also pays
the bills being a bartender at a local pub. Henry
comes in and she tries her best to help monitor his
drinking. She knows a little truth and is reluctant to
Henry’s and Itzal’s former boss who now runs a
temporary service. He is also close friends with
Stacey and has been able to get her some work
so she can help with the bills. Pedro knows of
Itzal’s hate but is good friends with Henry that is
Personal physician to Stacey Hall. He is a
specialist in Kidneys and believe that he has new
drug to help those with chronic problems. Dr. Smith
was there with Stacey’s family who had various
Kidney failures so her own issues is nothing new to
Gordon-Hirschel. After being laid off, he’s going
through a divorce and leads rallies against the
company. Itzal has a personal issue with Pedro, his
former boss, for a secret that he used for personal
Henry Hall is about to experience the best and worst day of his life.