Matthew 6:25-32

1. When Jesus was giving a message about anxiety, what did He say to comfort the people at that time?
Matthew 6:25-32

2. With all that is going on in the world, how can a message from question one help those who are feeling stressed?

3. Jesus was making a comparison to the temporary things of the earth and how more important we are compared to them. While studying the Bible, it’s easy to look
at it on a grand general scale. However, the Bible should be studied in a personal way. From Timothy, what is written to exemplify a personal study?
2 Timothy 2:15

4. Why should a person study the Holy Bible?

5. How often should a person study the Bible, and why is it beneficial?

6. We think of churches as always standing for what’s right. Still, sometimes entire denominations can go astray from what God desires. Knowing the importance of
studying for oneself, what should a person do if they see their church, group, or belief begin to stray away from God’s teaching?

7. What if a group is leaving a particular teaching, law, or ideal was the foundation of that church. Would you go with them or stand true to what was taught or
given? Explain your answer.

8. The books of Timothy were written from Paul to the Pastor for encouragement in ministering to the church. The letter was personal, but the message for a
multitude of people. To accomplish this, it meant that Timothy needed to have a personal relationship or communication with God. Read the people below and
describe their interaction with the Lord.

A} Enoch: Genesis 5:21-24

B} Abram: Genesis 12:1-7

C} Samuel: 1 Samuel 3:1-14

D} Moses: Exodus 3:1-12

E} Jeremiah: Jeremiah 1:4-10

F} Isaiah: Isaiah 6:1-8

G} Mary: Luke 1:26-38

9. Each of the people from question 8 had a personal relationship with the Lord, usually in regards to some job function or character trait. In modern times what
possible interactions can people have with God?


       I once heard a story about a terrible storm that hit a small coastal village. People boarded up their homes, hoping to protect the memories inside. The thunder
roared above while lightening put on a light show that would make most rock performances jealous. Of course, the rain fell like a river from the sky, while the wind
howled with rage. Being a coastal ocean town, this also meant that the tides were higher than usual even during the night.
       The next day a visitor to the town went to the beach to take pictures. Being from the middle of the country, they never knew what it was like to experience a
hurricane. Most of the town was cleaning up and taking the boards from their respective windows and doors. While walking, the visitor saw a person in the distance
while stepping around thousands of Starfish trapped on land.  The high tides caused marine life to get stuck on the sand once the water subsided. Although they can
move on the sand, Starfish are not very fast, and many birds made meals of some, and the light of a midday Sun dried out others. The visitor continued to take
pictures, amazed at the colorful little echinoderms covering the beach, and saw that the person was a little boy tossing some of the Starfish into the Ocean. Step after
step, the young man kept throwing them back in the water. The visitor thought this was interesting and ran to catch the young man.
       The boy looked up and saw the man with a smile on his face, threw a few more Starfish into the Ocean, and then waved. “I’m curious,” the visitor said. “I see
that you’re tossing the Starfish into the ocean to save them.”
       “That would be correct sir,” the boy responded.
       “But you can’t save them all,” the visitor said.
       “True,” the young boy responded and picked up a beautiful Starfish with iridescent colors. The little feet under the Starfish was feeling and tickling the young
man’s hands as it searched for familiar territory and food. “But for this one,” the boy said and tossed the animal into the Ocean, “it means another day to live.”
       Many people in the world sometimes get caught up in the storms of life. The tides of problems, calamities, issues, financial situations, health sickness, and so
much more can cause people to wash ashore into a place where they need help. Sure, over time, they can get back where they need to be, but the time it takes might
take too long. But God, who is personal and loving, takes the time to place us quickly to where we need to be. God is personal and loving and desires to save
everybody. Just like the boy had the visitor to help, so does God have us to support those in need. He is a personal God.