Acts 16:1-5

1. Timothy lived in Lystra and would have known about the ministry and incident that happened to Paul and the disciples. Explain Timothy’s heritage and what the
people said regarding his character.
Acts 16:1-2

2. Timothy is proof that not all people have to be given the perfect set of genes, heritage, or background to serve God. Why would the Lord choose someone like
Timothy to represent Him?

3. What did Paul do with Timothy upon getting to know him better?
Acts 16:3-5

4. When people have a desire to serve the Lord, how can the church and individuals encourage them to follow the path that God has given?

5. Why is it important to encourage young people to follow God?

6. When in Ephesus, Timothy received the letter from Paul to assist him, but this is not the only place he ministered. Where else was he sent, and what reason did
Paul give to have Timothy there?
1 Corinthians 4:14-17

7. Timothy was also supposed to visit the members in Philippi. What reason was given for Timothy to minister in that city?
Philippians 2:19-24

8. On one of the journeys through Asia Minor, Timothy is mentioned with Paul. What were the circumstances for this particular mission trip?
Acts 20:1-6

9. What God has for a person can take them any place in the city, country, or world. Why would God want someone to get out of their comfort zone or hometown
to minister for others?

10. Consider your purpose in life. Is there something that you might have to do, which could be uncomfortable? What step does God want you to make to proceed to
the next phase in your life?


       To make significant progress takes courage and a willingness to get out of one’s comfort zone. As with anything in nature, mostly everyone wants to stay in a
state of peace and comfort. However, to make progress, a person or animal must be willing to change. The most straightforward example of change is looking at the
metamorphous of a Butterfly. Technically, Butterflies go through a four-step process. If they stop and get comfortable at any one spot, then they’ll never reach their
full potential. A Butterfly starts as an egg, then move from there to a plant-devouring Caterpillar. As a Caterpillar, Butterflies consumes as much food as possible so
they can transition into the next phase of their life. After getting to the right size, the Caterpillar goes into a cocoon that transforms the animal into what they become,
a Butterfly or Moth. Even while turning into a winged Lepidoptera, it takes a Butterfly to struggle so it can build its wings muscles. Throughout the life cycle, a
Butterfly or moth can only move to the next phase if it decides to leave its current comfort zone.
       The same goes for us. If we want to become the person that God needs, we have to get out of our comfort zone. Sure, everyone starts as a new believer for
the Lord. That can happen as a child or even as an adult new to God’s word. However, through many studies in the Bible, we can grow much like the Caterpillar.
Consuming the Word of God prepares a person for what’s next. The next step means being able to apply spiritual knowledge for God’s purpose. Then after that, a
struggle can build spiritual muscles needed to be able to spread God’s message and inspire new disciples.